Our Services

- Industrial furnace consultation -

Tulip Technique has over 30 years’ experience in the design, construction and commission of a variety of industrial furnaces and ovens. In that time, we’ve gained invaluable insight into numerous industrial thermal processes.

Whether you’re operating in a mainline industry or a niche South African industry, our professional consultants can assist you with a number of issues, involving refractory mainlining, switching to a gas energy source, reinstalling second hand industrial equipment, and optimising plant efficiency. Along with your consultation, at Tulip Technique we’ll provide you with a comprehensive study along with an official advisory report.

- Domestic Gas Installations -

With an increasing number of households switching over to LP gas, Tulip Technique provides consultations and gas pipe installations for domestic clients switching to gas for cooking and heating, assisting you throughout the process.

- Industrial plant upgrading -

By redesigning your existing industrial plant, you can optimise production costs and energy input per unit whilst keeping your capital expenditure to a minimum. At Tulip Technique, upgrading your industrial plant falls in line with our Green Policy to rebuild and re-use existing plants where possible, as opposed to scrapping your existing plant to build a new one.

- Electricity, Gas and Oil Fired Conversions -

As a SAPGA accredited gas practitioner, Tulip Technique is qualified to design, install and commission domestic and industrial gas equipment. A lot of our clients who have electrically heated furnaces find the cost cripples their bottom line, seeking Tulip Technique to help them to switch to natural gas heated furnaces for higher profits. We also help clients ensure their gas equipment to comply with current gas safety regulations.

- SANS329 and SAPGA accredited practitioners -

As a registered gas practitioner, Tulip Technique is authorised to design, manufacture, install and commission gas fired thermal equipment and industrial plants compliant with SANS329 legislation.

If you have an outdated plant and aren’t sure what you need to do to bring your gas control equipment in line with current legal requirements, contact Tulip Technique today. From an initial analysis and recommendation to complete turnkey upgrades of gas equipment, we provide a one stop service whilst ensuring a minimum loss of production.

- Spares & Repairs -

As part of our extensive service offering, at Tulip Technique, we install repairs for refractories, steel works repairs and high temperature component maintenance services. For more information about how Tulip Technique’s services can help you to make the most of your industrial furnaces.