Tulip Technique cc

Tulip Technique is manufacturers of industrial furnaces and ovens for a number of different niche sectors. Our industrial ovens and furnaces offer a variety of thermal processes that we’ve developed and built over the years. Whatever application you need an industrial furnace or oven for; we’ll find a solution for any application.


A part of our Green policy to re-build and re-use any possible equipment, we happily provide upgrades and improvements to industrial ovens and furnaces. We specialise in meeting you at your point of need, providing expert consultations and services in order for you to run and maintain your plant as efficiently as possible. In the current economic environment, we understand how important investments to servicing, maintaining and upgrading your industrial ovens.

Skills provided vary from specialised electrical controls and instrumentation, refractory and insulation installation, moving of equipment, commissioning and decommissioning of plant, refurbishment of mothballed equipment, design and supply of furnaces, ovens and induction equipment, gas controls, electrical resistance heating, mechanical design and project management. Tulip Technique offers also information technology, to provide clients with the tools to improve their processes and plant efficiencies. For more information about how Tulip Technique can help maintain or improve your plant efficiency, for any further enquiries please Contact Us

Tulip Technique was established 16 years ago and our excellent team has more than 27 years’ of combined experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a varied range of industrial ovens and furnaces.

- Business Principles -

At Tulip Technique, we base our business principles around positive, long-term relationships with our clients, our employees, and our suppliers. We consistently work hard to work towards benefitting the common interest and prosperity for all our stakeholders, their families and the communities they live in.

- SHE Policy -

All our industrial furnace and oven manufacturing is carried out in strict compliance to legal health and safety frameworks, in order to supply you with high quality, safe and reliable products. Tulip Technique is committed to moving towards offering environmentally sustainable industrial ovens and furnaces, along with a comprehensive service offering.

- Sustainable Earth Practices -

Tulip Technique is committed to playing an active role in the stewardship of the world’s resources. That’s why we’re constantly designing innovative systems to increase energy and resource efficiency. We aim to build a better and sustainable world for future generations.